Emily Executioner – Book Launch and Appearance

I stopped by Bridge City Comics for the book launch. Fun time had by all!

This dummy was shamelessly hawking my book. Putting a gun to his head had him speechless.

This guy Travis was pretty cool, but he’s never done a throat rip.

This couple has good taste… but they don’t know anything about guerrilla warfare.

This guy kept asking to play with my gun… Almost shot him.

It was fun, but extremist gangs don’t kill themselves… I had to move along.

Cosplay credit: Casper Gillev

If you wanna read the book, but aren’t close to Bridge City, visit ComixCentral to get your digital version.

Happy hunting!


Starburn Review

A great, well paced, first issue to a new indie sci-fi comic, Starburn. This comic jumps right into the story, offering an economical amount of background while delivering substantial character development. There is also a lot of suspense to keep the reader interested and wanting an issue two.


Emily Executioner

Emily Executioner is a new sequential art project in development by a Canadian/American creative team.


We will update as we go, working hard to polish our vision to pitch to publishers.